Trail Journal

Date: April 07 2001
Trail Day: 311
Miles Today: 21
Location: Mile Marker 27, Ramrod Key
Section Mile: KWR 159
ECT Mile: 4683

Remaining days = 2, Remaining miles = 29

Had a solid sleep last night. I was quite clumsy when I woke up. Crossed the 7 mile bridge. Me and my brothers have come here to fish several times. I have driven down to Marathon to fish off of the old 7 mile bridge several times, but I have driven only once to Key West. So today I am back in fairly unknown areas.

Saw several large fish from the bridge. Also saw a large school of 9" fish. Had lunch in a Chinese restaurant and went to the library to enter yesterday's journal. The internet connection was down. Called Suriyan to find out where I'm supposed to actually finish. So far its been such a remote event that I had never paid attention to it. He checked the IAT site and told me its the southern most point in the US monument. My little map shows it, so now I am set. Also there is some disagreement between 2 maps I have from the same tourist guide. One shows US 1 to end a little before the monument while the other shows it going very close to it. I have added 2 miles assuming the former is correct. Now I am not sure. It could be that I have only 27 miles left.

I have also managed to make journal updates from every library in the Keys so far. I will be making the final hike entry from the last one in Key West.

Tomorrow I have to do a 15 mile hike and then 12 miles.

H. Monster has made a guest entry. Hey H. Monster. I wonder what he's upto now.

Had a rib dinner and picked up some beer for later. I was hoping to sleep on one of the old bridges but they have all been torn down in this area. So went off into the bushes to sleep.

Date: April 08 2001
Trail Day: 312
Miles Today: 27
Location: Southern most point monument, Key West
Section Mile: KWR 186
ECT Mile: 4710

Last night, I decided to finish off the hike today. Its 27 miles to complete it and I will get to stay a day in Key West. I had decided this when I woke up late night. I usually don't fall asleep quickly once I get up at night. But this time I went into a very heavy, deep sleep. It was as though my body knew that I was going to have a long day tomorrow. Managed to complete the 27 miles with only 3 breaks, of which only one was a sit down break.

There are numerous bridges as one gets close to Key West. The miles went fairly easily. Stopped at a place that said - Tourist info. They tried to get me into one of those high pressure sales for some vacation spot for 50$. I have learnt that I'm much better off saying no to anything that says free. The sales guys were young, smooth, 'happening' and fake. I wouldn't trust them with my pen.

Entered Key West. Went into a Wal-Mart and bought some clothes. Tried to find a motel along the way. Nothing for less that 100$. Got to the monument. Took some shots. It was a long day and I was quite worn out. That completes my ECT hike - 10 months and change and about 4700 miles.

It has been the experience of a life time. The main thing it has taught me is that a lot of what society holds to be true is not. Its just one way of how things can be. There are infinte ways things can be, all of which are equally valid. It has taught me the joys of simplicity. I lived more fully and happily with stuff in my backpack than when I had an apartment full of crap and made a good living. It taught me that prejudice and hypocrisy are alive and well. On the flip side there are genuinely good people just about every where. I have been helped by people from all geographical locations and walks of life. Tourists however are the worst. They are very shallow and self absorbed.

Well, the hike has now moved into the past and will soon become bits and pieces of memory - fogged and biased by time. Here are some highlights that have stayed with me

Because of their extensive support - physical, logistic and psychological, I consider Suriyan, Kumar, Karen and Vivek as being part of the hike.

Further thanks to: 11 months is a long time to take care of my stuff and I am doubly thankful to them for their continued help till the very end.

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