Trail Journal

Date: October 14 2000
Trail Day: 136
Miles Today: 5
Location: Buena Vista
Section Mile: AT 1327
ECT Mile: 2025

Got an early start today and decided to go to Buena Vista to get new shoes. Lots of day hikers today. It has been sunny the past few days. Its supposed to last at least another week.

Got a ride into Buena Vista. Got shoes at Dollar General Stores - 10 $. Wonder how many miles I'll get on this. The New Balance lasted about 1000 miles.

Date: October 15 2000
Trail Day: 137
Miles Today: 0
Location: Buena Vista
Section Mile: AT 1327
ECT Mile: 2025

Took a O day today.

Date: October 16 2000
Trail Day: 138
Miles Today: 1
Location: Brown Mountain Creek Shelter
Section Mile: AT 1328
ECT Mile: 2026

Did not leave the motel till noon. Got lunch and tried to get a hitch for a couple of hours. Finally got one.I was not in a hiking mood. Decided to get to the shelter about 1 mile away and stop.

T1 and T2 also got here. Later on AYCE stopped by. He has thru-hiked in 94. He carries a very light pack.

Feeling tired, so sleeping early.

Date: October 17 2000
Trail Day: 139
Miles Today: 23
Location: Matt's Creek Shelter
Section Mile: AT 1351
ECT Mile: 2049

T1 and T2 were gone by the time I got up. The trail ran beside a creek with ruins of an old village. Then it went beside a reservoir before starting a climb up Bluff mountain. It stayed overcast all day although it did not rain. There was a marker where a young boy had wandered and died more than a hundred years ago.

Got to the shelter. Chilli, Brisco, T-Pot and Bed Bug were there. We were later joined by the rest of the gang - Andrew, Hypothetical, Looking Glass, AYCE, EZE, H-Monster, Sweatbox, Blue, John the Baptist. This group is fun but moves very slowly. They had bought beer from Glasgow. We were drinking it up till late night. EZE was in bad shape.

Date: October 18 2000
Trail Day: 140
Miles Today: 23
Location: Bryant Ridge Shelter
Section Mile: AT 1374
ECT Mile: 2072

The whole group got up early in spite of sleeping late. Ate breakfast and started off. Passed T-Pot on the way - she was having a snack on the way. Walked with AYCE for a few hours. The first 8 miles were almost all up. Met Chilli and Brisco having lunch. Chilli always has a peaceful look on her face.

After the climb things were somewhat easier. The last 4 miles were downhill and easy, although my soles were hurting. The shoes I have now need breaking in. I think it will take a week or so.

10-4, AYCE, Chilli, Brisco, John the Baptist, Bedbug and T-Pot also made it to the shelter. This shelter is big and can sleep 30 or so people.

Date: October 19 2000
Trail Day: 141
Miles Today: 19
Location: Wilson Creek Shelter
Section Mile: AT 1393
ECT Mile: 2091

T-Pot, Bedbug and me decided to attempt a 26 mile day to Fullhardt Knob Shelter. I hiked with 10-4 for a while. About 6 miles into the hike my feet started hurting. The blisters are quite bad. Decided to cut it to a 19 mile day.

Sole Pain

Little Miss Brown
This time around
Aimed for a twenty six

A British bug
An Indian thug
Also gunned for it

Half way down
Spider had a frown
Foot pain aplenty

Dont know the rest
I wish them the best
I stop at mile twenty.

T-Pot did do the 26. The rest of the gang also showed up at this shelter. Its getting to be a big group now. We are planning on getting to the motel at the I-81 interchange in time for Blue's birthday. His mom and girlfriend are going to be there. It will be a surprise.

The shelter was crowded , so a lot of people had to sleep out.

Date: October 20 2000
Trail Day: 142
Miles Today: 11
Location: Best Western Motel, I-81
Section Mile: AT 1404
ECT Mile: 2102

Late last night a hunting dog came to our shelter and slept with us. He was extremely hungry and ate a lot of our food. 10-4 was going to get to a road and hitch to I-81 with the dog and turn him over to the authorities. Andrew, H-Monster and me started off first. About 15 minutes into the hike we found that the dog was following us. We decided to take him to I-81.

The pace was fast. Andrew is 6' 4'', big and fast. We reached I-81 quite quickly.

The rest of the group slowly filtered in. We got 3 motel rooms. Blue's mother and girlfriend showed up later and surprised him. They also bought us shrimps, nuts, cheese, meat etc for a party. A time for eating and drinking. Most people went to bed at about 3:00 AM. I stayed up till 5:00 AM.

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