Trail Journal

Date: November 9 2000
Trail Day: 162
Miles Today: 20
Location: Clyde Smith Shelter
Section Mile: AT 1750
ECT Mile: 2449

Today was a very wet day. It started off dry but started raining within half an hour. Started off with a long climb. The top was a bald and the wind was strong enough to push me around. I had to walk at a 70 degree angle leaning forwards and sideways to prevent myself getting blown over. The rain was pelting and was quite painful sometimes.

It was so cold and my fingers so numb I did not make any register entries. The correspondence between the maps and the few signs on the trail is very poor - I could not tell where I was on the trail at several places. I was planning on stopping at High Knob shelter but never found it. I knew I had missed it when I started doing a long descent. Decided to head to the next shelter another 6 miles out. I know that the Firebreather group was planning on staying at the High Knob Shelter. These are not good conditions to "explore" the territory.

Grinder was at the shelter. Cooked dinner, ate and got comfortable in my sleeping bag.

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Date: November 10 2000
Trail Day: 163
Miles Today: 21
Location: Curley Maple Gap Shelter
Section Mile: AT 1771
ECT Mile: 2470

Rained a lot last night. Conditions were ideal for hypothermia in the morning - 40 degree F and wet. Getting out of the sleeping bag into my wet clothes, socks and shoes was a torture. My socks were full of water and because of the cold temperature my feet became numb in a few seconds. Also started hiking with no gloves. So my hands were numb and cold also. It took me about 2 hours to warm up to a comfortable degree. The first hour was a torture.

Met Grinder about 6 miles into the hike. He has worked for the Emergency Medical System and is quite knowledgeable about hypothermia. He was very concerned and worried about it when we had started in the morning.

We decided to hike the remaining 12 miles or so to the shelter. The sun showed up briefly for 5 seconds or so in the entire day. Got to the shelter and immediately got into dry clothes and my sleeping bag, cooked, ate and fell asleep

Date: November 11 2000
Trail Day: 164
Miles Today: 4
Location: Uncle Johnny's Hostel, Erwin
Section Mile: AT 1775
ECT Mile: 2474

Grinder and I got up at about 8:30 am and hiked the 4 miles into Uncle Johnny's hostel. It had been a cold night. Wet nights are hard. I have to sleep in shelters that are cold. The terrain was all down and flat so we made it quite easily.

This hostel is also a very cozy place. John is a very nice and helpful guy. Took a shower, did laundry and got a ride into Erwin. Grinder bought me lunch at the Pizza Hut. Did some grocery shopping, checked e-mail and got a ride back. Now drinking beer and watching a movie.

Date: November 12 2000
Trail Day: 165
Miles Today: 0
Location: Uncle Johnny's Hostel, Erwin
Section Mile: AT 1775
ECT Mile: 2474

Decided to take a 0 day today. This is a very comfortable place. Rode a bicycle into the town of Erwin for breakfast. When I got back Firebreather and Fall Girl were at the hostel. They have to be at Hot Springs by a certain date and therefore would be moving on. They hitched a ride into Erwin for groceries. Andrew and Richard showed up some time later.

Grinder made chilli for all the hikers. I helped him chop the onions and green peppers. Spent the rest of the day eating and watching TV and talking. Also talked to Kumar, Suriyan and Vivek.

At Uncle Johny's Hostel

Date: November 13 2000
Trail Day: 166
Miles Today: 20
Location: Near Low Gap
Section Mile: AT 1795
ECT Mile: 2494

Had a good chat with Andrew last night. Got a slightly late start. Most of the day was a climb, so the progress was slow. Started drizzling in the middle. Got into my "water resistant but not water proof" jacket. Depending on the sun and the terrain it can get warm or very cold. You have to keep playing with the clothes all the time.

Passed Richard along the way. The climb upto Big Bald seemed to go on forever. Met Sheperd doing a north hike of this section. I had passed him somewhere in Connecticut and had met him again briefly near Catawba. He is always hiking with women - have to envy that.

Decided to hike past Bald Mountain shelter in order to get into Hot Springs on 15th night. Dave Farley, a friend at work has invited me to his cabin somewhere in Georgia. I am trying to make it to Fontana Dam (another 150 miles) by Thanks Giving. I dont know if its possible. I have not yet talked to Dave although we have exchanged e-mails. Hiking has now become quite weather sensitive. I cannot get started till the sun is well up and things have slightly warmed up. I think its going to be this cold till I clear the Appalachian range - another 800 miles or so.

I had to hike about an hour in the dark to find water. Set up my tarp and cooked dinner. Its going to rain tonight.

Date: November 14 2000
Trail Day: 167
Miles Today: 22
Location: Jerry Cabin Shelter
Section Mile: AT 1817
ECT Mile: 2516

It rained last night but I had stayed dry. Got a late start. Hiked about 6 miles to Sam's gap where they are working on a road. I talked with an 83 year old tobacco farmer for a while. A fairly uneventful day. Saw 2 hunting dogs that seemed to be lost. One of them at the shelter was in bad shape. She could not even walk much. The hunters are quite careless with their dogs. I have seen and heard of numerous such lost dogs.

Had to hike about 2 hours in the dark as I had no water. It is fairly easy to lose the trail in some of these balds at night. Saw the valley all lit up with lights - it was magnificent.

Tried starting a fire at the shelter with no success. My skills here are quite poor. I have to make it a point to learn it for my own safety. Cooked dinner in the dark and settled in for the night. The shelter catches the wind and is therefore quite cold.

Date: November 15 2000
Trail Day: 168
Miles Today: 15
Location: Spring Mountain Shelter
Section Mile: AT 1832
ECT Mile: 2531

Last night was the coldest so far in this hike. The thermometer at the shelter read a cool 20 F at night. My thermometer reads 10 F now. I know its 12 F off. My water bottle was half frozen at about 2:00 am but by morning was frozen almost solid.

Got a late start again. This is getting to be a problem . Getting out of the sleeping bag into cold hiking gear and walking the first hour or two is the worst part.

Met Richard on the way. He had stayed one shelter behind. I was not in a hiking mood today. Took a break at Little Laurel Shelter. Richard joined me shortly. It was warm at the shelter because of the sun. Decided to cut the day today and stop at Spring Mountain shelter. This shelter because of the hills nearby gets little sun and the temperature was 45 F when I got there.

Cooked in daylight for a change and looked at the register. Looks like Firebreather and Fall Girl will be taking 4 days off in Hot Springs. We might finish together. Crawled into my sleeping bag and ready to sleep.

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