Why does one give up a good-paying job and go to the woods for a long period of time? Is a 5000 mile even doable? What experiences does one go through? Is it an experience of nirvana, or an expression of frustration? What about the dangers - the bears and snakes, the lightening strikes on the mountain tops or the angry rivers that have washed away the hiker bridges? Can one go without the comforts of modern life for that long? If so, is one eager to get back to civilization or dreading the thought of it? Can there really be alternative ways of living with none superior to the other? The answers from first hand experience are here.

Thru-hikers have their own culture and way of looking at the world. On the trail one sheds society's tags and enters into a new experience. This is reflected by the use of "trail names" - a nickname. Mine was Spider. The reason - my room-mates back in college used to call me that as i got mail addressed to "Spidhar", a mis-spelling of my name.

I hiked the trail from 1st June 2000 to 8th April 2001, from Cap Gaspe, Quebec, Canada to Key West, Florida, US for a distance of 4700 miles and a duration of about 10 months. This section contains information, photos and journals of the hike.

THANKS: The hike was a very special time in my life for me. I would like to thank all those who supported and enriched it. Obviously, i couldn't have done it without the help and support of a lot of people. Because of their extensive support - physical, logistic and psychological, I consider Suriyan, Kumar, Karen and Vivek as being part of the hike.

Further thanks to:

Suriyan for maintaining the web site.
Kumar for taking care of my financials.
Vivek and Lusia for mailing my stuff back and forth.
the Williamsons, Dave Farley, Jon Phipps and the Galavs for having me in their homes.
Karen and Michelle for sending me goodies along the way and for their support.

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